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What is eBanqo?

eBanqo provides an omnichannel customer engagement solution on mobile, web and social media channels (WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook etc)

What can your agents do with eBanqo solution?

eBanqo customer engagement solution isn’t just customer-facing. We have a dashboard where your agents and support staff can view conversation flow, analytics, issues and they can take actions on the go. This frees up your agents to focus on more critical tasks.

What are some key features?

– Support for natural conversational language (e.g. the customer can ask “what is my account balance?”, “I want to change my phone number” etc.)

– Seamless handover to a human agent when the chatbot is unable to handle an inquiry or request.

– Continuous learning and improvement of customer interaction and intents.

– Integration to multiple back end and 3rd party platforms (e.g. billing system, CRM, helpdesk, etc.)

– Can send push notifications to all your users (or select users based on defined criteria) from the central platform to each customer’s preferred front-end channels or social media platform

– User/admin management, customer management, fee management, reporting, and analytics amongst others.

What are security concerns with this solution?

Our technology has no security concerns that are different from other systems. We have measures and protocols that comply with your KYC obligations.

How do I know if eBanqo solution is right for me?

eBanqo automates customer queries and FAQs, reducing your call center budget. It also removes pain points in customer journey, improve your sales processes and help you make more personalized decisions about every customer

How does eBanqo solution improve customer experience?

By giving your customers quick answers to their queries across any channel of choice. It provides round the clock assistance and resolves an unlimited number of customer queries simultaneously”.

Is the eBanqo chat window customizable?

Yes, eBanqo solution is customizable to your brand. Your eBanqo solution will be branded your way i.e. your solution, your name, your colors, your tagline.

Can I integrate the solution with my business tools?

eBanqo solution is equipped with the capabilities to integrate into multiple 3rd party platforms like email, helpdesks, CRM and other business tools you might have.

Can I extract analytical data?

eBanqo solution has a dashboard where assigned support agents can view activities and analytics like, top issues customers are having, top questions they are asking within a period, which social media channels are customers congregated etc.

Why should I opt for eBanqo messenger and not an app?

Phone users are spending more time on social media channels like whatsapp, facebook, twitter etc and customers are increasingly engaging businesses on these social channels. Our mission is to help businesses meet their customers where they are and drive business objectives more efficiently. eBanqo messenger does not require your customers to download any app, but enjoy services available on other platforms like mobile apps, websites, branch etc. All of these services can be initiated and completed within the chat.

How does eBanqo work?

With integration to your backend systems, eBanqo customer engagement solution provides customers, stakeholders, and partners with a consistent experience and channel-agnostic access to your business’ services.

How will my business benefit from eBanqo solution?

eBanqo customer engagement solution will make your business:

1. Accessible round the clock.

2. Reduce customer service costs.

3. Generate improved ROI on investments made in social media pages and followership.

4. Level up on customer engagements.

5. Enable your customers to perform more self-service transactions.

6. Improve the efficiency and productivity of your customer service and support staff.

7. Automate issue resolutions and FAQs.

How long does it take to Launch eBanqo solution?

After deployment, we would work with your team to make the service better for your customers. We guarantee you would have a fully functional solution within 90 days. You can view the process and phases here

Will eBanqo customer engagement solution replace my staff?

No, eBanqo customer engagement solution will not replace your staff. Our aim is to help your team achieve set objectives and improve your business performance by helping your customer service staff focus on more critical assignments. eBanqo solution takes away the repetitive tasks and only route to the appropriate desk or available customer service agents when it is not able to process customer’s requests.

Will our staff be trained on how to use eBanqo?

We can arrange a training session for your staff after the deployment of the solution.


Will there be product support and upgrades after deployment?

Yes, there is an option for upgrades and premium support.

What if my staff are having challenges using the product?

The eBanqo platform has a simple interface that is quite easy for anyone to navigate. We can schedule a session with your team to walk you through how to better use the platform and get the best out of it.

How can I reach eBanqo support?

Kindly use the Chatbot on our website to reach our customer support or send a mail to us at social@ebanqo.com.


How do I get started?

Visit the demo page or send a mail to social@ebanqo.com to get started.

How do I request a demo?

You can request a demo here.

Can I schedule a personalized demo?

Yes, the Demos we deliver are personalized to your business use cases. You can request a demo here.

How long does it take to deploy my solution?

We guarantee you would have a fully functional solution you can be proud of in 6 weeks.

Need more help?

Our support team are available to respond to you anytime.

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