Create better customer experiences

Leverage our omnichannel AI-powered solution to deliver exceptional customer service. Provide 24/7 support, automate FAQs, reduce customer service costs and improve your overall customer experience.

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One platform for all your customer engagements


Stay connected with your customers

Meet your customers where they are and stay connected with them. eBanqo provides you with a unified flow from all your customer conversations across several messaging channels.

Intent Recognition

Automate frequently asked questions

Push more training data into the Natural Language Processing Algorithm (NLPA), for improved intent recognition and increase answers to frequently asked questions.

Human Escalations

Zero failed response to queries

Smoothly hand over to an agent to continue a conversation when necessary, and simultaneously update response to the knowledge base.


Make smarter decisions

Gain a holistic view of your customers’ interactions, and also generate reports that help you in decision making, retargeting and sales from a single dashboard.

Business tools

Works with tools you already use!

Connect eBanqo messenger to your existing backend systems like CRM, help desks, email and other business tools you use and love.

Building the best customer experiences for brands

We have helped the best brands achieve amazing results.

How we do it

Document requirement

We align your company objectives to integration options and features

Configure platform

We customise the eBanqo backend to suit your defined options

Set up social media

Integrate your preferred channels to eBanqo messenger

Automate FAQs

Populate the platform with frequent enquiries from your customers

Define transaction flows

Define and automate flows for various transactions and services

Integrate with tools

Integrate eBanqo messenger with your existing business tools

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